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How To Withdraw Your Job Application

So you thought you found that perfect job. Having gone through the application process, you’ve now been offered the position. Great news, right? Most of the time. The way life goes, though, is that sometimes things can change even after we have accepted a job offer. Perhaps you have found some more information about the company or the boss you’ll work for and you’ve decided that perhaps it’s not the best fit. In any case, there sometimes is occasions when an applicant needs to decline a job offer or request to withdraw their application.

If you’re wondering how to successfully withdrawal your job application, even if you’ve signed a contract, here are some helpful suggestions to do some in a professional and graceful way:

(1) Let your prospective employer know as soon as possible

Once you have realised that the job may not be suitable, it is best to let your employer know as soon as possible. This is particularly important if you have signed a contract, as they may already be making provisions for when you commence employment and it’s the right and respectful thing to let them know at your earliest opportunity. Which brings us to helpful suggestion #2:

(2) Speak with your prospective employer in person or over the phone if possible

While it can be tempting to send an email, if at all possible the professional thing to do is to speak with your prospective employer and explain to them the reasons you need to withdraw your application in person or on the phone. Be honest, concise and also take an opportunity to thank them for their time and consideration. It can be helpful to also highlight some beneficial aspects of their business which you were looking forward to working with. In this way, it can help ease the possible disappointment or frustration the employer may be feeling. Sometimes it may not be practical to meet in person or speak over the phone, and if this is the case in your situation a well worded, concise email will still be sufficient.

(3) Seek legal advice

This tip is primarily if you have signed a contract, because depending on the wording and clauses in the contract, there may be certain obligations you will need to fulfil to withdraw your application. It is advisable to seek legal advice so you are fully informed of the obligations and costs involved in cancelling the contract.

It’s not an easy thing to decline a job offer, but with the above suggestions you can do so in the smoothest and most professional way possible.

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