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Queenstown Leads NZ Job Growth

The latest Infometrics’ Regional Economic Profiles report has been released for 2016, and Queenstown & Central Otago have topped the list as the country’s fastest growing job and employment sector.

Interestingly, this means the Queenstown & Central Otago region is growing at a rate of four times that of the New Zealand average.

These findings come as no surprise, with the rapid growth in population and business turn over in the region. The tourism and building sectors are also at an all-time high, fuelling a huge demand for staff.

A home building firm in Queenstown said that finding qualified builders and tradespeople in Queenstown is a challenge at present. Wages are skyrocketing, which is great for jobseekers in Queenstown,  but that isn’t enough to tempt qualified staff to move into the region; the lack of accommodation and housing is the hindrance. The good news is that the Queenstown Lakes District Council and the National Government are proactively looking into ways to alleviate the shortage in accommodation.

This surge in job growth in Queenstown, Wanaka & Central Otago has resulted in more employers needing staff. If you’re a business or employer in Queenstown, post your job vacancies for free with Queenstown Jobs. We’re here to help you find suitable staff quickly and easily.


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