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5 Essential Tips to Get a Job in Queenstown

Queenstown, New Zealand… Beautifully dramatic scenery, a lively nightlife, relaxed lifestyle and some of the best attractions in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s no wonder that many have sought out such a location. Perhaps that’s how you feel. Making the dream of living and working in Queenstown a reality can be very exciting, but at the same time it doesn’t come without its challenges. A high cost of living and a lack of accommodation present some of the biggest challenges for people looking to move into the resort and obtain employment.

If your goal is to find a job in Queenstown, take a few minutes to have a read of some of our TOP FIVE (5) practical suggestions and tips to get your dream job in this beautiful town.

(1) Register with Queenstown Jobs & Upload Your CV

This may seem like an obvious suggestion. After all, this post is from Queenstown Jobs. The reality is that a lot of jobs in Queenstown are posted right here on the website, so this is a fast and easy way to apply for jobs available right now. Plus, jobseekers have the ability to upload their resume / CV for free. Employers in Queenstown search through our database of candidates when a position becomes available, so having your profile registered is a great way to receive job offers from employers. Register now.

(2) It’s not what you know… it’s who you know

Many Queenstown locals will tell you one of the best secrets to finding employment in Queenstown is through connections. It may be family, it could be friends, or it could be from a community group. In any case, Queenstown is still a small town at heart and it certainly pays to meet new people and establish connections. Perhaps you could reach out and join a club or social group. There are many fitness groups, adventure & sports enthusiasts, food groups and cultural communities in Queenstown that would love for you to join and make connections. This could result in job opportunities and accommodation options. Of course, many new jobs available in Queenstown are posted on Queenstown Jobs as well so you can always check here for the latest jobs in Queenstown as well.

(3) Present Yourself Well

No matter what type of job or industry you are applying for, it always pays to present yourself well. Neat and tidy dress and grooming goes a long way for Queenstown employers, whether it’s in construction, hospitality or temporary work. There is one universal communication we all know, irrespective of what our mother language is, and that is a smile. During your job interview, smile. Be positive and engaging. Let your prospective employer know that you are the ideal candidate for the role, and don’t be afraid to give them genuine reasons why. This can go a long way in making an impact and helping you land the job.

(4) Do some research

If you’re looking to get a job in Queenstown and love the idea of working in tourism, why not spend a little time learning the background of your prospective employer. For example, if working with a world famous bungy company is your goal, find out about their history. How did they get started? How many bungy jumps do they do each year? This will build up a good base of knowledge and will make a big difference during an interview, as it will show tourism employers that you are passionate about the industry and their company.

(5) Keep Updated

As a member of Queenstown Jobs, you will be able to get tailored daily, weekly and fortnightly job alerts. It’s 100% free and you can set up as many job alerts as you like. That way, when your ideal job is posted you are instantly notified with an email straight to your inbox. Sometimes jobs are filled within a matter of hours or days from when they are posted. Don’t miss out on a fantastic opportunity, set up job alerts now.

That’s our TOP FIVE suggestions on how to get a job in Queenstown. Do you have other suggestions you’d like to add? Feel free to leave a comment on this post so others in Queenstown can benefit.

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