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  • Promote 1 job vacancy on for 7 days. Includes:

    · Unlimited changes to your listing
    · Full access to relevant candidates
    · Listed on all mobile, tablet and desktop devices
    · Upload your company logo to promote your brand


  • Promote 1 Featured job vacancy on for 30 days, including:

    * BOLD and visible features to make your listing stand out and it appears at the top of search results and sticks there
    * Visitor & applicant statistics in the Job Dashboard
    * Jobs are posted across our network of NZ & Overseas websites, increasing your job’s reach
    * Jobs are posted across our social media (Facebook, Twitter and Google+) pages, greatly increasing your job’s exposure to suitable candidates

    $20 NZD incl. GST

  • Promote unlimited job vacancies for 30 days. Renews monthly. Each job ad lasts 30 days, and you can post as many jobs as needed.

    Ideal for larger businesses or recruitment firm / agency with many job vacancies, a Premium membership allows unlimited job adverts within 1 month period.

    $85 $55 per month